YMichelle Coard

Refocused Faith for Business Owners

Financial stress is the biggest issue for many people. Did you know although some people have money they are stressed about losing the money? Our moods change when the bank balance changes. Life and business don't have to be this way.

YMichelle Coard

B&P Business Building Tools

Annual Access to Video's, Tutorials, Worksheets, Live Webinairs for your business. Tips, Tricks, and Systems for Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cash Management, Financial Organization, Taxes, Tax Planning, Payroll, Owner's Pay Management.

YMichelle Coard

Small Budget Big Faith

Learning to Manage Money Regardless of the Amount You Earn

YMichelle Coard

The Tax Impact of the Business Structure{Videos}

YMichelle Coard

About God's Business Fellowship

Group Fellowship for Business Owners- Not for Networking. We will discuss Biblical topics and Godly living in personal and business life.

YMichelle Coard

Discerning The Poverty Mindset

Have you ever thought about the spiritual impact of money? Most of us do not, but we do not deal with people but with dark forces and principalities Ephesians 6. Dark forces want to use the money to control us to manipulate us into leaving God.