Poverty, A Tool for Mammon To Destroy YAH's People

Breaking The Strongholds of Mammon | taught by YMichelle Coard

Course description

Most people believe poverty is only about money or that poverty only impacts those who don't have money. 

Here's a recent podcast teaching about the rich young ruler.  Many based the idea that followers of the Messiah, Yahshua Hamashiach, need to be poor on this passage. Learn the missing message from this story.

Spiritual poverty goes so much deeper and cannot be filled with money.  Jesus said those who are spiritually poor are blessed.  We are blessed because we know the only way to be filled is through him.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  

On top of people placing their faith in money, they believe we should eliminate the poor by pushing them away.  No one is retraining or pointing them back to Biblical solutions, mostly because those with money are spiritually poor.

I didn't realize I was dealing with the spirit until I opened my business.  I noticed that many people had major issues with money.  I noticed many people would compromise their values.  I learned there is spiritual deception leading people to disobedience and using the money to trick us.

Many people are unethical, using witchcraft, workaholics, anxious, angry, and hurt.  As an accountant, I expose dishonesty and help people to be accountable as well as help guide them in proper accounting and tax issues.


What's In This Course?

We will determine how this spirit influences your friends, family, strangers, customers, and vendors. Learning to discern this spirit will allow you a better understanding of family, friends, strangers, and clients or customers in business and who should be your heart people (those closest to you.)

We will also uncover hidden footholds.  The tricks of dark forces that attempt to keep us in lack. Do they have a legal heavenly right to attack us?  You can ask for God's help!

How To Get Started

Purchase the online digital e-course to get started. Just click the buy button above or below on this page.  You will then have the opportunity to create your account to access this course at any time as well as any future courses.

My Hope For You

I look forward to your breakthroughs in financial freedom and Heavenly riches!  I would like to see you get in alignment with Abba, again!

Because Heavenly riches equate to earthly wealth. If it is loosed (released) in Heaven, it will be loosed on earth! Matthew 18:18 NIV

Includes email access to me, videos, and questions.



- 8 videos

- 10 downloadable pdf worksheets

- Email access to the instructor- Y. Michelle Coard

This course is about 8 hours depending on how you apply the material to your life. Working through mindsets and strongholds come with daily changes and living.  I would recommend 1-2 lessons a day.  Slowing walking through will allow you time to let God give you the revelation you need to make changes in your life. The course is a deductible business expense.



The poverty mindset or spirit is a part of Mammon.  Yahshua says we can not serve YAH and Mammon (Satan). Poverty keeps us down, and our focus needs to be on YAH.  I noticed the spirit of poverty in my family when we seemed to have the same habits repeat over and over.  We didn't seem to move forward in many aspects of life.  

We were not dependent on Yahovah.  Simply focusing on earning more is not enough. WE have to be transformed by the renewing of our mind, refinement, and then developing good stewardship habits. 

Stop Believing The Lies!

When we put our trust in money, we tend to believe we don't have many options in this world. We tend to believe the lie that waiting on YAH is irresponsible. Trusting YAH comes with challenges but it brings peace, power, and authority!




YMichelle  Coard
YMichelle Coard
Senior Instructor

Y. Michelle Coard, President of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. is an Accountant, Business Mentor, Trainer and Profit Strategist. Y. Michelle Opened B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp in April of 2007.

Y. Michelle has 20 plus years of experience in the field of Accounting and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sciences in Accounting. She has experience in Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning for Business and Personal, Cash Management for all income levels, Profit Planning to boost profits, Bookkeeping and Payroll experience. Y. Michelle has nine years of experience in FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero, and is a Zoho Books Advisor.

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