Embracing the Kingdom Economy

Biblical Business Principles | taught by YMichelle Coard

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Embracing the Kingdom Economy is not the prosperity theology or new age philosophy.  EKE is God's plan to master money management his way for business and personal accounting.  

If you would like to get off the emotional money roller coaster EKE will help you refocus on Abba.

Many of us believe we place God first, but the hard truth is we have more faith in money than in Jehovah-Jireh (God provides).

Listen to this short video intro about Embracing The Kingdom Economy.


We will live simple Biblical practices:

1.  Money Management 

2.  Based on Biblical Principles

3.  How to Manage and Maintain Money for Operations and Growth

4.  How to Plan for Large Purchases, Investments, and Savings in Your Business. 

5.  How to Track Your Money to be a more Effective Spender. 

6.  Learn to Calculate Self-Employment Taxes or Payroll Taxes (Corporations) 

7.  Create a Payment Plan to Pay Yourself as well as Bonus Pay. 

8.  Most Recommended Receipt Tracking Applications and Accounting Software. 

9. Q&A Session for All General Questions about your business. 

Submit Questions on the Registration form to discuss via the webinar. (Private information will be addressed only on individual consultations.)

How Does This Work?

  • Videos
  • Worksheets
  • Optional Group Discussions
  • Live Interaction- Webinars
  • One 30 minutes 1:1 Meeting (personal consultation)

What's the Solution?

We often think the solution is to increase the number of clients but you will be surprised at the solutions to turn around your money worries.

B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. Cash Management program will help you to create constant cash flow in your business. You will always have money in the bank, regardless of the number of clients in your business.

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YMichelle  Coard
YMichelle Coard
Senior Instructor

Y. Michelle Coard, President of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. is an Accountant, Business Mentor, Trainer and Profit Strategist. Y. Michelle Opened B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp in April of 2007.

Y. Michelle has 20 years of experience in the field of Accounting and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sciences in Accounting. She has experience in Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning for Business and Personal, Cash Management for all income levels, Profit Planning to boost profits, Bookkeeping and Payroll experience. Y. Michelle has nine years of experience in FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero, and is a Zoho Books Advisor.

"I work hard to save you thousands of dollars and hours of time!"

Y. Michelle Coard of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.

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