Discerning The Poverty Mindset

Rising Above Your Circumstances and Defeating Worry | taught by YMichelle Coard

Course description

The poverty mindset is a very sneaky mindset. Most people don't realize they deal with this mindset.

And most people don't realize the people around them are dealing with this mindset.  Mindsets are referred to as strongholds in the Bible.

Often we make changes in our lives to manage money and time but it seems like we have to fight ourselves and those around us as well. AND we have to fight against the rest of the world.

In this course, we will uncover the reason behind the resistance. Why you CAN have money and serve Christ and why many people have yet to embrace this concept.

We will also uncover hidden footholds.


Our Heavenly Father said he would restore us.  Deuteronomy 30:3-13 NIV

How To Get Started

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My Hope For You

I look forward to watching the breakthroughs to financial freedom and Heavenly riches!

Because Heavenly riches equate to earthly wealth. If it is loosed (released) in Heaven it will be loosed on earth! Matthew 18:18 NIV

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- 8 videos

- 10 downloadable pdf worksheets

- Email access to the instructor- Y. Michelle Coard

This course is about 8 hours depending on how you apply the material to your life. Working through mindsets and strongholds come with daily changes and living.  I would recommend 1-2 lessons a day.  Slowing walking through will allow you time to let God give you the revelation you need to make changes in your life.



How do you know if the poverty mindset maybe present?  I cover the signs in this course.  But I want to share the top 10 indicators of this mindset or spirit here.

1.  The belief that people with money or rich people don't have to manage their money.  The belief you can spend what you want when you want without thinking about spending. Or the belief it's better to spend other people's money.

2.  The belief that people with money don't have to work.

3.  The belief that people without certain amounts of money are all lazy. Therefore you work like crazy without time off.

4.  The belief that you can't serve God through your ministry or business and earn an above average salary. Or you feel guilty about the money you have earned.  

5.  The belief you can't rise above your circumstances.  (This is the way the family has always been so it will be this way for you too.)

6.  The belief that people with money  have to compromise their values to get the money.

7.  Money is a high-stress factor or you avoid thinking about money.

8.  False humility around money.  Believes poverty is the key to heaven.  

9. The belief things will be better with more money.

10. The belief that those who teach or preach the word of God should not earn money.

YMichelle  Coard
YMichelle Coard
Senior Instructor

Y. Michelle Coard, President of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. is an Accountant, Business Mentor, Trainer and Profit Strategist. Y. Michelle Opened B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp in April of 2007.

Y. Michelle has 20 years of experience in the field of Accounting and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sciences in Accounting. She has experience in Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning for Business and Personal, Cash Management for all income levels, Profit Planning to boost profits, Bookkeeping and Payroll experience. Y. Michelle has 9 years of experienced in QuickBooks, and is certified in Xero, Freshbooks and is a Zoho Books Advisor.

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