Refocused Faith The Key to Financial Freedom

Biblical Principles for Managing Personal Finances | taught by YMichelle Coard

Course description

This course is for getting to the root of the money matter for personal money management and refocusing our faith back to YHWH.  

I spent many years stressing over money.  Of course, I would because I have one income and we live in a society that one income leaves a family in poverty.  I believe this society has the spirit of the world that is against the family.  Many people think that you have to sacrifice your family for a career.  I agree that's true if you are not a Christ Follower.  However, when I read through the scriptures, I see the family included in taking care of the home and earning income.  One was not sacrificed to have the other.  When you think about it, the plan of evil is to kill the family unit of Christ Followers.  

As I began on my business journey, I needed a way to support my family and to be a mother.  I have spoken to successful women by the world standards, and they say we can't have both.  God says when we follow his word we will be successful.  I had to redefine success.   My next challenge is that although many Christians believe in Jesus they don't trust he will provide and we are conditioned to think we have to conform to the world's standards.

Next, I noticed many problems around the stress of money.  I wanted to be present but not worry about money.  How would that work and that is when Abba took me on an in-depth journey to change my heart.  I am still on that journey, but I can tell that freedom that you experience is a gift.  And as we begin to rediscover family in Christ, we can live out Biblical principles and business and personal life.

We will cover the following information in this course:

We will learn how to build a budgeting plan on a godly foundation.  We will learn how to master our money instead of money mastering us.   

"Money gurus and coaches" will tell you it's your mindset but I know it's a misunderstanding of Biblical scriptures.  We want to know we are operating in obedience to Abba.

Christianity and Money Management for the Christ Follower. 

No longer be conformed to the pattern of this world.  Romans 12:2.


- 8 videos

- 10 downloadable pdf worksheets

- Email access to the instructor- Y. Michelle Coard

This course is about 8 hours depending on how you apply the material to your life. Working through mindsets and strongholds come with daily changes and living.  I would recommend 1-2 lessons a day.  Slowing walking through will allow you time to let God give you the revelation you need to make changes in your life. The course is a deductible business expense.

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YMichelle  Coard
YMichelle Coard
Senior Instructor

Y. Michelle Coard, President of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp. is an Accountant, Business Mentor, Trainer and Profit Strategist. Y. Michelle Opened B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp in April of 2007.

Y. Michelle has 20 years of experience in the field of Accounting and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sciences in Accounting. She has experience in Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning for Business and Personal, Cash Management for all income levels, Profit Planning to boost profits, Bookkeeping and Payroll experience. Y. Michelle has nine years of experience in FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero, and is a Zoho Books Advisor.

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